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The Mothers' Living Stories Project

About the Author

Linda Blachman, MPH, MA, CPC

Author and MLS founder Linda Blachman is a certified life transitions coach, certified guided imagery practitioner, and personal historian in private practice, specializing in the health and well being of women, children and families. Through Choose Life! Coaching & Guided Imagery, she helps individuals learn to use times of challenge and change for healing, growth and renewal. Her mission is to guide others in navigating life’s inevitable losses and uncertainties and in connecting with what is most vital, meaningful and authentic in themselves so they can craft a positive next chapter and revised narrative.

To this work Linda brings a unique process and set of tools synthesized from over 30 years of professional training and experience in: life and creativity coaching, counseling, personal history and legacy preparation, life review and life planning, health education and advocacy, and contemplative practices. She has specialized training in oral history methods and compassionate care for the ill and dying and is skilled in Interactive Guided Imagery℠, a powerful tool for stress reduction, symptom management, inner-directed decision-making and goal setting, and enhancement of positive thinking.

Linda’s focus on choosing life and on using life transitions as portals to creative and soulful living was cultivated during her 10-year tenure as founder/director of the Mothers’ Living Stories Project. Another Morning: Voices of Truth and Hope from Mothers with Cancer (Seal Press, 2006), brings the mothers’ wisdom stories and her own learnings to the larger community. Her work reflects the belief that telling and listening to the stories of our lives can be healing and enlightening to both narrator and listener, that responsibly preparing for death can help us to live more fully and meaninfully, and that freeing the voice through speech, writing, and song can liberate the soul. She draws strength and inspiration from family and friends, nature, music, writing and her spiritual path.







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