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“To raise a child while living with cancer is to have your heart break. We have to learn how to live with broken hearts.”
Another Morning~ Buy the Book!So says one of the mothers in this powerful, inspirational, and deeply moving book—a tapestry of the voices of ordinary women coping with every mother’s nightmare: a cancer diagnosis while raising children.
It’s difficult to imagine any group more in need of attention and support than seriously ill mothers. Yet women confronting the profound collision of mothering and cancer struggle to raise children amidst a remarkable absence of services or resources. This book helps to fill that gap. For mothers who are living with cancer and those who care about them, Another Morning is an invaluable companion and source of comfort—full of insights, guidance, and real-world wisdom from other mothers whose voices on coping with cancer are authentic and true.
With wit, wisdom, and candor, the mothers speak about the complex challenges and surprising gifts of parenting when death is a palpable presence. Their stories of mothering with cancer reveal how they found ways to live with courage, dignity, humor, and joy, and taught their children to do the same.
Whether gardening with a 7-year-old to see the cycles of nature and preciousness of each moment as she faces continuing cycles of recurrence and treatments, or preparing a 3-year-old and her family for her death because “you can’t protect children from life,” these stories demonstrate that it is possible for life and death to coexist—even with children—and that mothers can be whole human beings, both strong and vulnerable.
The stories are interwoven with the author’s  own professional and personal reflections, drawing on her twenty-five years as a public health educator specializing in maternal-child health and her experience as a mother. Her thought-provoking commentary speaks to themes of universal interest and concern, especially for mothers: How do we help our children feel safe when our own sense of security is threatened? What can we do to responsibly prepare ourselves and our young for life’s inevitable losses? Can a mother ever be seen as both strong and fallible, as a whole human being?
One of the mothers says, “There are tragic deaths, there are tragic lives, but death itself is not tragic.” Perhaps what is tragic is never knowing our own stories, never finding our voice, never believing that someone wants to listen, and leaving this life without sharing what we have learned. Another Morning is a powerful antidote to the silence of ill mothers’ voices and a groundbreaking addition to the scant literature on motherhood and illness.

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