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The Mothers' Living Stories Project

MLS Listener Training Program

“Having founded a center for children and families grieving a death, I have participated in many training sessions about caring for people in crisis. The MLS training was the best I have ever attended. The content was thorough, the presentation was engaging and the experiential aspect was sensitive.”
            -- Marianna Cacciatore, Executive Director, Bread for the Journey International

The MLS Training Program offers:

Knowledge, skills, and practice in:

  • Knowing yourself: self-awareness and self-care
  • Knowing and understanding the people you serve and the issues they face
  • Knowing and practicing what a Volunteer Listener does
  • Knowing and practicing the MLS Project methods

Levels of learning:

  • About yourself in relation to listening, life story, legacy, illness, death, grief, and parenting
  • About compassionate presence and deep listening
  • About guiding others in life review, life history, and legacy
  • About audio-recording life stories
  • About working with ill and dying people
  • About recording life stories with parents of dependent children

The training program and manual can be adapted for training volunteers or professionals serving men and women of various ages, states of health, and life circumstances.

At this time the MLS training manual and educational video are available only through participation in a training program or consultation/mentoring relationship. Fees depend on the level of training of type of consultation/mentoring desired, the numbers of participants, and your organizational budget.

The Project is no longer setting up and holding its own trainings. However, the MLS founder/director is available for consultation and mentoring, as well as for developing and facilitating a customized training program for an organization or for a group of individuals.

Training Options

Level I: 16-hour Introductory Training of Listeners

Level II: 36-hour Full Training of Listeners, with follow-up consultation, technical assistance, and supervision. Participants receive certification.

Mentoring/Consultation: arrangements made on a case-by-case basis  

"The training which we Listeners received was thorough, practical, and truly inspirational. It was also a win-win for all involved. We had expected it to be valuable and important for the people we would serve—the mothers and their children. This proved to be true. But there was an unexpected surprise: It enriched beyond measure our own lives as well."
-- Virginia Jouris, Hypnotherapis

For more information,Contact linda@lindablachman.com

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