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The Mothers' Living Stories Project

The MLS Model

Story shared in relationship with a compassionate listener is at the center of the MLS model. It is the Volunteer Listener bringing an open heart and practiced skills to the encounter that creates the possibility of profound benefits for mother and Listener alike.

The MLS model of care provides:

  • A healing process for the mother
  • A treasured legacy of wisdom, memory, and love for the children
  • A vehicle to open communication within families
  • A healing opportunity for Volunteer Listeners
  • A bridge between the currently ill and temporarily well
  • Gifts of wisdom and dialogue for the larger community through publications, trainings, and educational offerings.

The Project model and methods are generally applicable to either parent, to parents of grown children, and to any illness, disability, or challenging life circumstance a parent may face.

In the process of being listened to, the mother is helped to listen to her own deepest self from where she can give meaning to her own experience —and, in turn, listen to her children.

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