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Publication of ANOTHER MORNING:
Voices of Truth and Hope from Mothers with Cancer

By Linda Blachman (Seal Press, Feb. 14, 2006)

Through passionate first-person narratives woven together with the author’s reflections, Another Morning reveals how mothers with cancer go on living and raising children in the face of profound challenge and uncertainty, and how they do so in a culture that denies illness, death, and the dark side of motherhood.

“Uncensored and unvarnished , Another Morning reveals the hearts and souls of real mothers facing the twin challenges of raising children and fighting cancer. This book can help combat the loneliness and uncertainty that many mothers feel. It can encourage mothers to find the unique balance of hope and acceptance that best helps them get good care, raise their children with love and hope, and live as fully as possible.” -- Wendy S. Harpham, MD, Author, When a Parent has Cancer: A Guide to Caring for Your Children

Another Morning reveals that mother-love is not defeated by illness. It is more expansive than healing, more enduring than death. This is an unblinking, life-affirming look at the depths of pain and the triumph of love over loss.” -- Ira Byock, M.D., Author, Dying Well, and The Four Things That Matter Most

“In this brave and deeply moving book, Linda Blachman tells of a brilliant program she began, to train volunteers to help the mothers narrate their life stories to later give to their children. As the book shows, the process itself offers an important form of emotional medicine. A riveting read, a visionary idea.” -- Arlie Russell Hochschild, PhD, Author, The Commercialization of Intimate Life: Notes from Home and Work

Quick Links to Buying the Book:

From the publisher: http://www.sealpress.com

For more about ANOTHER MORNING, the author, and her schedule of appearances, see author’s web site: www.lindablachman.com


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